Henry Bowers back in IT Chapter 2

Henry Bowers IT.png

It had been assumed by some horror fans that the villaneous Henry Bowers met his end at the end of IT when he was pushed down the well in Neibolt Street.

But it appears Bowers junior will return in the second chapter of the adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel according to this tweet by Nicholas Hamilton who played Bowers in Andy Muschietti’s first chapter.

Hamilton’s Bowers was played a bit more close to the bone as he attempted to carve his name into Ben’s chest before he escaped.

Sticking true to the novel he also murders his abusive father the Town Sheriff before setting off for the Loser’s Club.

The question is will Henry confess to all the crimes and be locked away in a mental asylum before attempting to take his revenge on the Loser’s Club 30 years later?

The date is set when we will find out though – 6th September 2019, Pennywise and Henry Bowers are back!


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