Echoes of the Passed review

Official Poster 1

By David Dent

This more than a short, less than a feature 20 minute movie has four disparate souls – Professor Ian Naughton, his assistant Liz Short, and AV techs Frank and Fred – investigating a haunted house but discovering that they may be the ones who are haunted.

Scott Lyus, a London based independent film maker, already has a few well received short films to his credit. Unfortunately Echoes of the Passed may not be remembered as one of his best.

While a creepy atmosphere is gradually built up, it has to struggle against some indifferent acting (although Sophie Tergeist as Liz almost saves the day), a very cramped location and a deafening score by Ed Harris which is far too high in the mix.

Script wise the film is all about the final scene, which is quite atmospheric, but it has to battle with some really awkward early sequences. It seemed like the film was under rehearsed, and while the actors are supposed to be ill at ease with each other, the movie just didn’t flow for me.


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