Horror Anthology ‘Wander Tales’ announced


Since the beginning of time; urban legends, fairy tales, stories of monsters, madness, and wonder have lived inside of us all waiting for the chance to be told.

Now those tantalizing and fearsome fables are coming to life in WANDER TALES. The fantasy horror anthology will see eight filmmakers from around the globe working to bring eight twisted tales of bone-chilling lore whispered throughout history.

Frontrunning WANDER TALES is its creator & producer Nick Hunt (the upcoming Safe Place, The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees: The Making of the Final Friday) who will also be directing a segment in the film starring David McMahon (AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: THE SONG OF SOLOMON). Each filmmaker will be given COMPLETE artistic freedom in conceptualizing their own perspective segments down to casting their own segments and choosing the locations.

Hunt will be producing alongside Johnny Macabre (Crepitus, Don’t Fuck in the Woods 1&2) who has stood with Hunt for his previous two projects slated to be filming this year in addition to this feature.

The seven other filmmakers joining Hunt are Sophia Cacciola (BLOOD OF THE TRIBADES), Todd Nunes (ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE, upcoming DEATH WARD 13), Stu Jopia (GOOD TIDINGS, CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS), Billy Pon (CIRCUS OF THE DEAD), Adrian Tofei (BE MY CAT: A FILM FOR ANNE), Javier Attridge (WEKUFE: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL), and last but certainly not least is Jonas Govaerts (WELP a.k.a CUB)

Check out the amazing promotional artwork attached, debuting from Anthony Raus who also did the recent art for SAFE PLACE.

Over the coming months we’ll be announcing the writer(s) of the wrap around story as well as the filmmaker(s) behind it the wrap around. Each filmmaker is targeting shooting their perspective segments Winter 2018/4th Quarter 2018 but stay tuned for more information as it comes available!

Terror exists…ALL over the world

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