Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz review


Children of the Dark is one of those books that you can seemingly underestimate.

It begins quite slows, getting to know the characters but its evolution from halfway to its gut wrenching finale is something to behold.

Janz is clearly very confident with his story and characters that when reveals do happen and there’s certainly a few, he knows exactly where the story is going.

We as the reader are engrossed in the material, but unlike other stories where there is always a light or salvation in sight, everytime this happens Janz wipes out with glee.

We follow the story of Will and his friends as their lives change forever when a convicted cannibal killer escapes prison and is heading for their town. Coupled with some mysterious incidents in the woods this is very much a balancing act of narratives which mix surprisingly well.

Children of the Dark came very highly rated and more than lives up to it with some bold character decisions, a gripping narrative and some genuinely scary villains.

A must read for horror fans looking for something different.


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