Jackals review


Based on true events, Kevin Gruetert’s Jackals is the story of a families quest to reclaim their son from a murderous cult.

Things don’t begin this way though, with an opening scene that is textbook POV Halloween territory. Strangely this scene has little relevance to the rest of the film, which follows a very different path.

It has more in common with Adam Wingard’s You’re Next, but isn’t quite as inventive as that, going for torture over plot twists.

This is not to say there isn’t entertainment to be had here. Jackals is an intense horror, with some scenes of genuine tension.

The finale is quite haunting and certainly gets you thinking giving the story it was based on.

Stephen Dorff is slightly underused in a role as the man to bring the families son back to them, essentially deprogramming his mind from the Jackals.

There aren’t many decent cult horror film out there and even shows like The Following tried and failed in depicting something worth watching. Jackals is an entertaining watch, which is a fun throwaway watch, rather than an essential viewing.



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