Jonathan Straiton’s Best Horrors of 2017


Last year Director Jonathan Straiton gave us the truly bonkers Night of Something Strange, now he picks his favourite horrors of 2017.


With the Alien sequels not living up to expectations, Life was a nice surprise. It was genuinely terrifying and brought back fond memories of being a kid, watching Alien for the first time and being scared shitless.

She Was So Pretty 2

This flick checked off all the boxes for me. It’s scary, gross, funny and downright weird. What I like most is the growth between the sequel and the first in such a short amount of time. The filmmakers took what worked and what didn’t with the first and applied it to the sequel making an indie gem.


This flick was definitely a head scratcher but for all the right reasons. All the emotions and feelings of confusion, frustration and chaos are felt through the perspective of Jennifer Lawrence’s character flawlessly.


This flick was surrounded by hype and boy did it live up to it. James McAvoy deserves an oscar for his performance and the cherry on top was the connection to my favorite Shyamalan movie-Unbreakable.

It Comes at Night

Structured like a slow burner with constant tension. I loved the simplicity of the story and elements used to bring it to life. It raises all the same questions asked with similar genre films except at the end you don’t care that they aren’t answered

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