10/31 review


Although it was slightly strange to watch a Halloween themed anthology in January, 10/31 is a welcome addition to what is becoming a thriving sub genre.

With five tales of terror, the most surprising thing about 10/31 is the fact most of the stories are extremely original.

Instead of focussing on the mythos of the Halloween season the film focusses on isolated stories taking place in and around All Hallows Eve.

We have witches, psychos, killer scarecrows and a roller disco from hell and the majority work quite well with only pitting Halloween against Christmas a minor misfire.

The roller disco segment is the highlight here with plenty of gore, a hypnotic tone and a severe twist in the tail that’s more trick than treat.

Squeezing five stories into 90 minutes can be tough but nothing is rushed here with each tale evolving quite naturally and despite being an independent feature the special effects are superb.

It’s 80’s setting works perfectly for the stories with some pulsating synth scores rivalling the soundtrack to the superb Halloween indie horror The Barn, which Director Rocky Gray contributed the music for.

10/31 will be joining Trick ‘R Treat, Halloween and Tales of Halloween on many playlists come 31st October.


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