Why the return of Twin Peaks was worth the wait

Twin Peaks

By Dave Hastings

It’s hard to imagine Twin Peaks working in the contemporary world of event Television. Especially since it was Lynch’s frank mocking of everyday mundane soaps that run rampant throughout our differing societies.

Meant to be seen on a week by week basis, free of the internet and message boards overthinking what could happen next, I naturally approached this new voyage into Peaks with a cautious optimism. And Lynch really threw us in the deep end, and left us there to tread water for another 15 weeks (as if he’d make this easy…really?).

The four-hour premiere was an explosion of everything that makes Lynch him, complex and weird imagery, evil creatures jumping out of window boxes, the black lodge groaning back to life after so many years, yet seeming feeling like only yesterday we were actually within its grasp.

While Kyle MacLachlan’s Cooper was back, after all those years on from the chilling season 2 finale.

Well he was, but he wasn’t. And we saw Twin Peaks, yet we didn’t. And then we saw moments of pure joy, pure comedy gold, that was then suddenly whisked away by moments of pure sadness that only Lynch can do it seems – the hit-and-run being a major moment of classic Lynch and Badlamenti joining to create a distinctive musical sadness of the heart, accompanied by the late Harry Dean Stanton whose eyes could tell a thousand stories and more.

While some have accused this season of taking too long (for me it depended how my week was going!), and as the storyline threads merged and plot points started to see an end game, Lynch delivered the ultimate kick back down to earth with a shattering climax that has had us all talking about ever since!

The beauty now is that part of me wants to see how a season four would tackle the ramifications of this exciting 18 hour return visit to Peaks, while at the same time, another part of me wants to leave it dangling…giving us maybe another 18 years to wait, dissect, determine and ask what year is this? 

A masterful continuation of the saga!

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