Atomic Blonde review

Atomic Blonde

When Gareth Evans introduced us all to The Raid back in 2011, it was certainly a game changer in terms of action spectacles.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve had a slew of films boasting choreographed action set pieces that almost require a double take. And so we come to action thriller Atomic Blonde.

As much as you could consider John Wick a vehicle to re-establish Keanu Reeves as a bad ass action star, ‘Atomic’ is definitely an attempt to create one of Charlize Theron.

Set during the late 80’s Theron plays an MI6 agent sent into German to investigate the murder of a fellow agent.

From the moment Lorraine lands in Berlin it’s all systems go as she has to fend off an attack in a car.

It’s really the action set pieces rather than the plot that make Atomic Blonde slicker than your average.

We flit back and forth from a post-operation interrogation to the mission itself and see the twists and turns unravel and how they affect the current situation Lorraine finds herself in.

Although there is a sag around the midway point, ‘Blonde’ regains its swagger for a thumping finale which include a 7 minute stairwell fight sequence which is just truly stunning.

The fact that Theron did most of her stunts for this sequence is a credit to her commitment to the role.

With only The Villainess to rival its action, Atomic Blonde is one of the best action thrillers of the year and certainly shows Theron has the chops to match Reeves in a fight anytime soon.


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