The Villainess review


Sometimes when we need to see something original and genuine jaw dropping, we look to Asian cinema to satisfy the itch.

 Behold Byung-gil Jung’s action thriller The Villainess.

Telling the story of young girl who is placed into an assasssin’s program, she also seeks revenge for her murdered father.

First things first though, the action scenes are simply stunning from a POV attack in the opening 10 minutes to a quite stunning finale which you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

Mixed with the bonkers action and gratuitous violence we have a very human story as Sook-hee our uber assassin is actually pregnant when she joins the program.

This adds a morale layer to proceeds as she flits between her deadly ‘job’ and raising a young child and ensuring the two never clash.

There will be comparisons with The Raid due to the action scenes, but The Villainess is so much more than this.

The non-linear timeline of the story may throw some viewers but the action scenes more than make up for this minor shortcoming.

The Villainess could already be the action film of the year.

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