Ruin Me review

Ruin Me1

The premise of ‘Ruin Me’ is certainly an interesting one. A group of six people are thrust together for their universal love of horror movies.

We have the mix of the quiet girl, the loud mouth, the goths, you get the picture.

They have all signed up for an exclusive ‘experience’ where you must survive the night in the woods whilst being terrorised by actors.

When things take a deadly turn the group start to question whether it’s all a setup or whether there is someone out for blood.

‘Ruin Me’ is very much a hybrid of the 80’s slasher mixed with the more post modern horror of the Scream series. There are mixes of both types of story, but it never really settles on either, keeping the viewer guessing.

Marcienne Dwyer is the stand out as she grapples with her past and also the other contestants, she’s like an update of the 21st century final girl.

Things aren’t too serious either, ‘Ruin Me’ is very much a fun ride with some dark twists and turns which keep you entertained until its gut wrenching finale.

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