Redwood review


Josh (Mike Beckingham) is very ill from leukemia and decides to go on a camping trip with his girlfriend.

Along the way the meet a creepy Park Ranger named Steve (Nicholas Brendon) who warns them there are certain parts of the forest to stay away from.

Naturally they find out why and soon find themselves being hunted by some undead blood suckers.

First off, I applaud writer director Tom Paton for attempting to bring complex fleshed out characters into a horror film, something that thankfully is a trend with indie directors.

However, Paton is guilty of the carnal sin of cinema which is being too heavy handed and worst yet Redwood is frankly dull.

It’s a whopping 46 minutes until the vampires come into the story, take into account that the runtime is (not including credits) is a scant 73 minutes and yeah…you see the problem.

Most of the time is spent laying on thick drama and listening to the couple fight. Not to mention plenty of whining and bitching from blank. Its also painfully clear that Tom is not great at dialogue which ranges from laughable to cringe worthy.

The marketing people for Redwood was clever in making the film look like a nonstop horror ride filled with bloodsuckers in a forest however sadly its more ham-fisted drama than anything. Vampires film are old hat a sadly it does zero to bring anything new to the lore.

The ending which I won’t spoil seems tacked on. Despite some decent acting and cinematography this movie is tedious and overly dramatic with a finale that didn’t feel organic to the rest of the story. Best left in the coffin.

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