Feed by Michael Bray review

Feed Michael Bray

As shark films seem to be making a comeback with The Shallows, 47 Metres Down and Cage Dive and the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Meg, Feed is the perfect alternative to these films.

Centering around an area of the Australian ocean known as the Devil’s triangle where boats go missing and something ancient lurks.

There are winks to the Meg series by Steve Alten, with Bray grounding what could be a very unrealistic story in reality with some clever anecdotes.

Our point of interest is Tyler, a troubled man who ends up on a mission to retrieve some gold from the bottom of the ocean in the Devil’s Triangle with a survivor of a previous attack and his son.

The shark is very much a peripheral menace which lurks in the depths and strikes in a very logicial fashion. See Bray treats his villain as an mammal and not a monster, as it’s attacks are well thought out and not the actions of a mindless blood thirsty killer.

There is also similiar themes to The Shallows as the group try to survive the monstrous Megalodon, using everything at their disposal to stay alive.

It’s not Jaws and may have the odd grammatical error but Feed is a great short read for shark novel and film fans.


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