Stranger Things Season 2 review

Stranger Things season 2

It was the runaway cult smash of last year that came out of nowhere, but can Stranger Things repeat the trick in its sophmore season?

Thankfully yes. Everything that made the first season great is still intact and with a progressing story, it’s another engrossing watch.

Again a lot of this is down to the performances of its young cast who steal the show once again, with honourable mention to Sheriff Hopper who comes into his own as the season progresses.

In terms of character development it’s surprisingly Nancy’s boyfriend Steve who is this season’s MVP with a mix of wit and bravery which you can’t help but love.

We have new characters who have mixed fortune’s with Dacre Montgomery’s Billy only really coming to life in the final 2 episodes whereas Sean Astin’s Bob is a welcome treat, as the geeky new partner of Will’s mom (Winona Ryder).

The story itself picks up almost a year since Will’s return from the upside down and the disappearance of Eleven. As it’s coming up to Halloween, Stranger Things wastes no time in giving us a very 80’s Halloween, which viewers of a certain age will look on and produce a wry nostalgic smile.

Many have criticised an episode devoted to a sole character, but I personally felt this was an excellent one which built up their story and took us into a different direction which could be explored further in Season 3.

Easter eggs are a constant too with nods to Aliens, Jaws and Jurassic Park, the key is making them part of the story which seems to grow and grow to a point where it becomes unmissable.

Although some resolution is made in the intense finale, there’s plenty to come from Stranger Things 3; we’re already reserving our ticket for a return to Hawkins next year.


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