Dead Shack review

dead shack 1

This was my personal highlight of The Dead of Night Film Festival.

Dead Shack is a horror comedy but ultimately this film is about family.

It’s not your conventional nuclear family though, we have a dad looking for a younger model and ending up with a drunk that his children despise.

The kids themselves aren’t much better either as we have motor mouth Colin and moody tomboy Summer who bring their friend Jason along for this bumpy ride.

Now they may seem like quite an unlikeable bunch, but here’s the thing – they are a real 21st century family, and this makes them all the more endearing.

This is the key here, write good characters and the story will fit in around them because ultimately these kids drive the narrative.

There’s also some social commentary about the incompetence of adults against the resourcefulness of their offspring.

Oh and they are pitted against some crazies who are infected with some kind of cannibalistic virus.

Although their origins are skimmed over slightly, Dead Shack is a hilarious ride with plenty of gore and ultimately a fun story.

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