It Came from the Desert review


Too often in the past horror films have brought the monster to us and have gigantic terrors attack us in the hearts of suburbia and cities.

Although some of these worked well, bringing a foreign beast to cause chaos, nothing quite works as well as isolating the would be prey – in this case in the desert.

We saw with the rather offbeat It Stains the Sands Red that the desert can be quite an intimidating and scary place if stalked by something evil.

It Came from the Desert is very much a homage to monster movies of the past including Starship Troopers and Eight Legged Freaks, and from the get-go you have to accept its B movie badge shining through. Once you’ve gotm over this there’s plenty of fun to be had here.

The plot itself revolves around a race of gigantic ants which were in the wrong place at the wrong time when a meteor hit the desert many years ago causing their mutation.

Getting in the crossfire are a group of teenagers who have arranged a party near an abandoned military base, and well things go south.

The action scenes are fun and gory and with the script playing for laughs rather than scares It Came from the Desert is the perfect monster movie to casual enjoy without taking too seriously.

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