Halloween Returns script review


It was supposed to be the Halloween film that was going to put Michael Myers back in the box office dollars, but after Dimension Films lost the rights to the franchise ‘Halloween Returns’ was abruptly cancelled.

Luckily Bloody-Flicks.co.uk have managed to secure an exclusive script for the film that never was, penned by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. ‘Halloween Returns’ much like Halloween H20 tries to reset the series’ muddled timeline again and tell a brand new story.

We open on the night of the original Michael Myers massacre in 1978, but instead of getting away he is captured by the police and imprisoned. Ten years later he is sentenced to death by lethal injection, and his date with mortality is 30th October 1988.

With no Doctor Loomis are central protagonists are Deputy Gary Hunt who apprehended Michael on that fateful night and his psychiatrist Paul Rogers who becomes obsessed with Michael during his time on death row. Rogers is very much in the mould of Loomis, but unlike his counterpart, he has a family which becomes embroiled in the terror.

Michael is set to be killed a freak power outtage gives him a window to escape, and after going on a mini blood filled rampage he escapes. Hunt’s daughter Sofia went to watch Michael’s execution and after sneaking into the death row and confronting him, she becomes of interest to him. It becomes plain and simple revenge, kill Hunt and his family for putting him in prison.

 The other change from the Halloween mould is that this film is set in Russellville, a town near Haddonfield where Hunt’s family live. And what about Michael himself? Well much like the Rob Zombie incarnation of the character he seems physically bigger and stronger than previously represented. And unlike Carpenter’s bloodless approach this Michael causes carnage wherever he goes.

There are some brutal kills including slashing one victim across the eyes blinding them. The finale which is set around a Halloween themed maze and barn on the outskirts of town (closely resembling Halloween 5) is a bloodbath and of course open ended for a sequel.

For the fans there is also a nice easter egg at the end which will have a lot of people smiling. ‘Halloween Returns’ isn’t a perfect return to form many would hope, but there are plenty of things going in its favour.

Whether it would have been strong enough to re-start the franchise is questionable. As previously mentioned Myers comes across as more Jason Voorhees with his bigger frame and immense strength outshining his usual tricks and stalking traits.

It’s back to the drawing board for now for Malek Akkad and the Halloween team, but hopefully some elements of ‘Halloween Returns’ may see the light of day in Halloween 2018 next October.

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