Bloody Flicks Awards

 Bloody Flicks Awards logo.png
On 30th July 2018 we are delighted to be opening entries for the first ever Bloody Flicks Awards.
We’re looking for the best short films in horror, science fiction and cult cinema to win one of our 6 awards.
Our only rule is that the film must be less than 30 minutes long to qualify for entry.
The awards are as follows –
Best Film
Best Foreign Film
Best Director
Best Actor/Actress
Best Special Effects
Best Music
Entries for the Bloody Flicks Awards are open until 28th February 2019, then on 30th March 2019 we will announce all six winners right here.
Submission entry fee is £5 ($7) per film, with no limit on the amount of films you wish to submit. We will also review the film on, before we announce the winners in March.
For further information and submissions visit our FilmFreeWay page HERE