Trailer released for Walking Against The Rain

The Crossroad Pictures team are proud to unveil the long-awaited teaser trailer for their debut feature film, WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN.

Directed by Scott Lyus, this horror tale of grief, loss and human connection was shot over fifteen days in the Lake District, in the north of England.

Lyus’s UK-produced film stars Sophia Eleni (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Call The Midwife) Reece Douglas (Cruel Summer, Waterloo Road), Johnny Vivash (Book of Monsters, Deathcember) and James Swanton (Broadcast Signal Intrusion, HOST) as monster creations ‘The Forsaken’.

Utilising full body creature effects, ‘The Forsaken’ creature design was created by renowned SFX artist Dan Martin (Possessor, Color Out Of Space)

WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN tells the story of two strangers, Blair (Sophia Eleni) and Tommy (Reece Douglas) who are navigating their way across a barren landscape in a desperate attempt to find each other. 

With their only form of communication being two soon-to-die battery operated radio mics and with a new evil in the shape of ‘The Forsaken’ monsters tracking them down, they must learn to confront loss and rediscover a trust in humanity.

Watch the trailer for WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN below –

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