Prey review

Thirty five years after the original was released, we are now on the fifth incarnation (excluding the AVP series), and you know what? It’s bloody marvellous.

Prey, is the follow-up or prequel in this case, this series has always promised.

Whilst this reviewer remains a fan of Predator 2, it does have its issues and the less said about the other sequels the better.

Here. the story is taken back to the 1700s, where we follow a Commanche tribe, which falls prey (get it) to predatory alien species.

First thing to say, is that Dan Trachtenberg has crafted a simply gorgeous looking film, that needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible. The cinematography is breathtaking and gives us such a fun canvas to play with when the hunt begins.

We follow Naru, a healer by trade with aspirations of becoming a hunter like her brother, and little does she know her burgeoning skills will be tested soon by the ultimate hunter.

Trachtenberg has played around with the Predator look, but a lot of its recognisable iconography is still present, plus the use of CGI is only exposed in probably one sequence.

The best part about Prey is that there is plenty of memorable scenes to choose from, where it gets to the point where there is not much to gripe with at all.

Prey, is a lean, mean hunting machine and gives us the Predator film we always wanted following Arnie’s encounter all those years ago.

Prey is streaming now on Disney Plus.

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