The Reef: Stalked review

12 years after he scared the living crap out of horror fans all over the world; Aussie filmmaker Andrew Traucki is back with a sequel to The Reef.

Since then he has also created the intense Black Water and its recent sequel Abyss, but now he is ready to swim with the sharks again.

This tale follows a young woman looking to put a horrendous personal tragedy behind her, by going on a sea canoeing trip with her sister’s closest friends.

I won’t give away how the wheels are set in motion but safe to say Traucki gets us off to the race on a supremely dark note; and there is no shark in sight.

Much like his previous efforts, Traucki is an expert in timing most of his scares, and here while some are telegraphed, a few really hit the mark.

He again uses a mix of real shark footage and some smart CGI, with only one glaring moment really standing out.

The group of women we follow are likeable and more importantly realistic in terms of how they react to being stalked by this shark plus methods to escape its jaws.

While it does fall slightly short of The Reef, Stalked is a worthy follow-up with plenty of teeth to satisfy most aquatic horror fans.

Nerve shredding terror – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Reef: Stalked is available now on Digital Download and released on DVD on 8 August 2022.

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