Black Water: Abyss review


Director Andrew Traucki certainly knows how to do a nerve-shredding animal attack movie.

See his previous efforts, Black Water and The Reef, which featured killers crocs and sharks. Here he revisits the Black Water motif and adds in some claustrophobia with the introduction of underwater caves.

Much like the aforementioned films, Traucki goes out of his way to build up his five main characters before thrusting them into peril. This is where Abyss is rather formulaic, but this does not take away from a series of incredibly suspenseful sequences down the line.

There are winks and nods to films such as 47 Metres Down and The Descent but Abyss plays proceedings very logically, which helps us to really ourselves in the shoes of the would-be victims.

Another masterstroke is the fleeting appearance of our croc, whose threat much like the shark in the first half of Jaws, is more implied rather than seen.

Traucki uses the darkness and the murky water to his advantage and doesn’t give us a cheap-looking CGI croc at any stage.

When it needs to go for the jugular it really does, epitomised by one harrowing sequence where the violence is again more heard than seen.

Black Water: Abyss also takes us on a journey and introduces some human drama to proceedings which feels lifted straight out of The Descent.

You may feel like you have seen some of this before, but Black Water: Abyss gives us bone-crunching croc action in a new environment with characters you can really root for.

A must-see for animal attack film fans.

Black Water: Abyss is in UK cinemas on 10th July 2020


  1. Why do creature feature filmmakers and movie critics think we watch these films to root for the characters? That’s not what we watch them for at all and why most of them fail to deliver what we do want. This film is another PG washout with a lack of bite.


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