Lonely Spectre announces crowdfunder for House of Ka

Lonely Spectre Productions and Acorn Arts Entertainment have announced the crowdfunding campaign for horror mystery feature House of Ka.

After her father contracts a supernatural illness, a young aristocrat named Margaret Trelawny enlists the help of a gentleman lawyer to save her father’s life. Their investigation doesn’t go as planned when they realize that what they are hunting is already hunting them.

The creative team is gearing up for a formal production start in late 2022, and will be launching an all-encompassing crowdfunding campaign across Seed & Spark, GoFundMe, and additional independent investor entities in advance of shooting.

House of Ka is directed by Josie Eli Herman. She won the Audio Verse award for best director for the audio drama THE CALL OF THE VOID – currently with half a million global downloads. She has directed productions at the Roustabout Theatre Troupe, The Penny Seats Theatre Company, and her alma mater Eastern Michigan University.

Support House of Ka on Seed & Spark.

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