Battle of the Friday the 13th fan films – Voorhees vs Vengeance

I guess I should preface this article with saying, it has taken me way too long to check out these Friday the 13th fan films.

Both have very different takes on the Camp Crystal Lake legend, with one trying something outside of the usual formula whereas the other feels like a more straight up slasher.

Voorhees sees a group of criminals escape to lands near Crystal Lake in an attempt to escape any sort of repercussions. What they don’t know is that it’s Friday the 13th and a certain Voorhees is out for blood.

This fan film immediately tries to separate itself from most of the Jason folklore, with our serial killer mainly on the periphery until around the halfway point when full on carnage ensues.

Kudos to the creative team for some vicious practical effects, which given their limited budget, look quite impressive.

Vengeance on the other night goes out of its way to weave itself into the lore of Friday the 13th, with cameos from Tom McLoughlin and CJ Graham from Jason Lives.

This takes the unused plot strand of Elias Voorhees from that film and runs with it, as both Jason and Elias go on the rampage in Crystal Lake.

Once again the practical effects here are top-notch, including one impressive decapitation that would make Tom Savini proud.

Vengeance’s Jason is more akin to Kane Hodder’s performances whereas it feels like Voorhees’ Jason is more a homage to Derek Mears’ portrayal in the 2009 reboot.

Which one you prefer is ultimately down to what you want from a Friday the 13th film. If you are looking for more of a modern and shift in tone, Voorhees is probably your bag. Whereas the retro-flavoured Vengeance will please the more traditional slasher fan.

Which Friday the 13th fan film do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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