Support supernatural horror The Ghost Light

Independent supernatural horror The Ghost Light is now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

Winnie is a high school theatre geek who has just had the worst audition of her life! While helping her teacher clean up for the day, she learns about a lamp in the prop closet called a ‘Ghost Light’ – a bulb that is left on at night to keep the ghosts that haunt the space happy…amongst other things (including keeping the janitor from falling into the orchestra pit when the lights are off…) 

Defeated after the horrible day, Winnie flicks on The Ghost Light and begins hearing voices coming from the catwalk. 

Winnie meets all of the ghosts that haunt her high school auditorium. Each of them has a reason for being put in this purgatory… Winnie realizes that she could be doomed to spend all of eternity in the ghost light because she got stage fright and didn’t perform as well as she wanted to in her audition.

One of these ghouls is Esper, an actor who has been trying to move on to the next stage of afterlife. Esper sees this chance encounter with Winnie as an opportunity to team up. He’ll help Winnie get the part she deserves and avoid being trapped in this theatre for all eternity…and in return- he will finally get the help he needs to move on with his afterlife!

Inspired by elements of Black Swan and a character arc in the vein of La La Land…all in a high school where musical theatre is the most important thing in a young performer’s life.

Find out all the ways you can support The Ghost Light on Indie GoGo.

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