Short horror For The Boss starts Indie GoGo campaign

Indie horror short For The Boss has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indie GoGo.

With their agency taken by men in power, two women are forced to make an irreversible choice.

Grace and Dalia have worked in the same office building since they graduated college. Dalia resents Grace, reducing her to the spoiled boss’s daughter who likes to fault her femininity as she flirts her way to the top. Grace can’t stand Dalia’s holier-than-thou nature and her negative attitude.

Returning from their lunch break, Dalia and Grace are put into a situation they never imagined when they are pitted against each other to fight to the death for a coveted promotion at work. With their agency taken from them by the men in charge, the two women have to decide together who will come out alive. 

As the women in For the Boss dig deeper into their racial and economic divide, as well as their common ground, the path blurs and the right way out becomes unclear. As their desperation increases, animal instincts take over in an exploration of how we as a society are only as good as those in power.

The best will fall in a test of ambition and human nature. 

To find out all the ways you can support For The Boss, visit their Indie GoGo page.

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