The Girl They All Forgot by Martin Edwards review

The Girl They All Forgot, is the latest in a series from author Martin Edwards, which is set in the Lake District.

Putting a thriller in such a tranquil and isolated setting may seem like a clever move, but you need then twists and turns to make this a real page-turner.

Sadly, this is not the case as The Girl They All Forgot almost becomes the story I want to forget.

While there is an element of mystery, it feels like a missed opportunity as the story plods along to a very unsatisfactory and abrupt conclusion.

The girl in question is Ramona Smith, someone who disappeared many years ago and the case remains open. When a suicide linked to Ramona potentially adds new evidence to the case, the Police must look at new options to try and find justice for Ramona plus solve this new mystery.

Edwards is certainly a competent enough writer, but his characters don’t really jump off the page. The cardinal sin of a thriller is to never convey danger of the central characters or care when they are in peril.

At 352 pages this was a bit of a slog, and could have been a lot better.

The Girl They All Forgot by Martin Edwards is now available from Poisoned Pen Press.

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