Silent Night Bloody Night 3 is crowdfunding!

Indie filmmaker William Collazo has launched an Indie GoGo campaign to fund Silent Night Bloody Night 3.

When a young woman wakes from a coma she finds that she lost more than time while she was out. Now locked away in a mental institution, Angelika must rediscover who she is by confronting who she was.

Faced with a hospital full of mystery, violence, and increasing madness, she must battle the horrors within the walls, including a very special visitor who wants to see her home for the holidays… in a body bag.

Co-Director Julie Anne Prescott said:

“We already have most of the funding in place, so the rest is for upping the production value, upgrading to the best location we can, and bringing a few more cast members on (including a very special surprise). Wardrobe, makeup, fx, props, and all of that super fun stuff can be upgraded to bring the looks all the way up to make the vision as visually stunning as possible. We also want to ensure that everything throughout post, including the score is top notch (I love a great soundtrack), so anything we can put into all of that is a huge focus!”

Find out all the ways you can support Silent Night Bloody Night 3 on Indie GoGo.

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