The novelisation that took a stab at Freddy’s origin story

While we recently discussed the excellent fan film The Confession of Fred Krueger, which did a superb job of giving us an origin story for Freddy Krueger – there was another attempt at explaining The Springwood Slasher’s beginnings.

The novelisation omnibus of the first three Elm Street films, penned by Jeffrey Cooper has a closing chapter separate from the narratives of the movies.

The six-page treatment tells the origin of Krueger from his youth as a drifter, who is accosted by a drunk tramp who beats him daily to the point it becomes the norm and he starts to enjoy the pain.

From here he skips his formative years and finds work in the local power plant and starts to think about how he can harm the society that has rejected him – take their children away.

There is a harrowing sequence where he tempts a young girl waiting for her mother at Springwood Elementary School into an alleyway nearby, calling himself ‘Uncle Freddy’ before slicing her up and dumping her body at the power plant.

As his reign of terror continues, he is tracked to the power plant where he is torched alive by the parents of Springwood after his collection of bodies is found. As he burns to death he actually runs back into the flames while swearing revenge against the town.

Have you read this treatment? Let us know in the comments.

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