Abduction horror Girl Next released in the UK

High Fliers and Danse Macabre are pleased to announce the UK, Ireland and Australia release of Larry Wade Carrell’s multi-award winning abduction horror GIRL NEXT (or NEXT GIRL as the film has been re-titled in UK) with a DVD and VOD street date of May 6th 2022.

Starring Marcus Jean Pirae (Bulletproof Monk) and Rachel Alig (The Cleaning Lady), GIRL NEXT is a mind bending cocktail of toxic masculinity and female empowerment, about a young woman abducted by traffickers who use mind control to turn her into a ‘Stepford Wife’. Trapped in a waking nightmare she must fight for a way to escape.

Written by Zeph E. Daniel, whose previous credits include Brian Yuzna’s cult classic Society, with special effects by Michael Muscal, whose previous credits include Bride of Chucky, GIRL NEXT received its US premiere at FANtastic Fest in San Diego where it won Best Feature before distribution in North America by Gravitas Ventures. GIRL NEXT has since wracked up an amazing 35 awards on the festival circuit and has inked distribution deals in Germany, France, Portugal, Latin America and East Europe where its was acquired by HBO.

Watch the trailer for GIRL NEXT below –

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