Stunt casting reveals more Halloween Ends characters?

As Halloween fans eagerly await the official first footage from David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends, a quick look at the stunt casting for the film has revealed some potential new characters.

While the cast list remains sparse for Ends, outside of the remaining characters from the previous two films, we do have names for characters who will (presumably) be involved in some action/death sequences.

Stunt performer JoAnn Bernat is said to playing the stunt double of Joan, with JoAnn racking up over 50 screen credits to date including recurring roles in The Walking Dead.

Lydia Hand will reprise her stunt role as Allyson from the previous two films.

Stanton Barrett, another prolific stunt performer (235 credits to date), will double the role of Corey.

Niahlah Hope, who was a stunt double for Carmela McNeal’s Vanessa in Halloween Kills, returns again as the stunt double for a character known as Destiny Mone. Could this be a DJ at the Haddonfield radio station?

Finally, James Ortiz, who has worked on the Spiderman series plus the Gordon Green/McBride fronted Righteous Gemstones, will double for a character known as Jesse C. Boyd.

Will these characters have big roles to play in Halloween Ends or will they just be cannon fodder for Michael Myers’ blade? Only time will tell.

Halloween Ends opens on 14 October 2022.

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