Pieces – The trash masterpiece 40 years later

It’s exactly what you think it is.

Quite possibly one of the most iconic taglines for a slasher film, adorned the promotional artwork for Juan Piquer Simon’s Piece, released 40 years ago today.

To say the film is bonkers would be an understatement, but despite its bizarre plot threads including random martial arts, it does deliver on its gore-filled promise.

Producer Dick Randall was making kung fu films around the same time, which is the reason for the bizarre cameo from Bruce Lee imitator Bruce Le.

The look of the killer feels inspired by the Giallo films of the 1970s, with his pure black attire, masked face and of course, black gloves plus a chainsaw for good measure.

Our killer’s motive is also an all-time head-scratcher, as he aims to re-create a nude woman jigsaw with the body parts of his victims.

Despite the absurdity, Pieces does feature one of the great slasher kills, with the killer dispatching one of his victims from a swimming pool using a cheap net, before chainsawing her.

It also features the iconic ‘Bastard!’ line from Lynda Day George, which is delivered with so much gusto that it has become a meme all across social media.

You’d think a film such as this wouldn’t be as lauded as it is, but it has received bumper blu ray releases from Blue Underground and Arrow Video in recent, with some being 3-discs and including the film’s soundtrack.

While a sequel was discussed in 1988/89, it never did materialise. Could a Pieces sequel or reboot work today? Well given a long-gestated sequel to The Mutilator (another slasher classic) is on the way, never say never I suppose.

But where does Pieces land in terms of the slasher cycle of the 80s?

It’s hard to be judgmental too much about a film so tongue in cheek, but surely the fact we are still discussing it 40 years later is a testament to its notoriety.

The kills are graphic, the dialogue is absurd and the plot ludicrous but would we have Pieces any other way? I think not!

Here’s to another 40 years lauding over the trash masterpiece that is Pieces!

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