Cross the Line (Grimmfest Easter) review

This Spanish thriller follows a young man, Dani, who has recently lost his father, presumably after a long illness and is encouraged by his sister to have more fun.

We can only take that Dani was the sole carer for his father and didn’t get out much as a result.

That night he runs into a girl in a local bar and they become fast friends, and she challenges him to various activities such as having a tattoo and going back to her place, but all is not what it seems.

Cross The Line is bombastic in tone, like having too much to drink and getting a shot to the head, it leaves you dizzy with its craziness but at the same time its fantastically and brutally entertaining.

You feel for Dani getting caught up in these impossible situations given his intentions feel pure, and more and more he gets dragged deeper into a darker world.

The action is unflinching and Cross the Line is also really unpredictable which helps to keep you watching as you genuinely don’t know where it can go next. It feels similar in tone to previous Grimmfest favourite Why Don’t You Just Die.

Cross the Line is sure to be a festival favourite.

Cross the Line plays as part of Grimmfest Easter.

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