Children of Sin review

Independent horror director Christopher Wesley Moore isn’t holding back in his latest feature Children of Sin.

We focus on siblings Emma and Jackson, already coupled with their own issues, who are promptly shipped off to a religious retreat to escape their abusive soon-to-be stepfather.

Moore takes on various themes including abortion, self-mutilation, conversion therapy, homophobia and of course, murder!

Once we arrive at the religious retreat we meet the highly-strung Mary Esther and the timid Hank, who runs the house, but with a few secrets.

Moore gives us plenty of time to get to know our main group of characters, and once they are completely isolated, things just get more crazy.

Jo-Ann Robinson channels her inner Mrs Voorhees/Loomis as the dark purpose of her retreat becomes evidently clear.

The director pays homage to slasher classics, including Halloween, Psycho and Black Christmas and does a lot with limited resources.

Children of Sin feels like a slasher for the modern generation, wearing its liberal narrative on its sleeve and shining a light on the darker sides of society visible on both sides of the pond.

This independent slasher is definitely one to look out for on the festival circuit soon.

Watch the trailer for Children of Sin below –

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