Butcher’s Bluff is the brutal throwback slasher you need!

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign 80’s style slasher Butcher’s Bluff has released its first trailer.

Butchers Bluff is a balls to the wall, take no prisoners, 1980’s style Slasher film!! Filled with Sex, Drugs, rock ‘n roll and an Iconic Masked Killer. It will deliver a high body count with fantastic kills and top-notch practical gore FX, keeping with the traditions of the classic horror films the fans know and love, but with an original story that even the non-horror fans will enjoy.

The Directors (William Instone and Matt Rifley) have won OVER 50 FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS for past films and the Butchers Bluff proof of concept trailer is already an official selection in an International Horror film festival in Canada.

The cast for Butcher’s Bluff includes Brinke Stevens, Bill Johnson (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Paul Taylor (Hellraiser: Judgement) and LC Holt (You’re Next).

Watch the official trailer for Butcher’s Bluff below –

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