LGBT horror short Out now crowdfunding

“Out” is a short film which aims to show the experience of internalised homophobia through horror visuals.

The story centres Maya who is in love with her best friend, Sarah, but struggles with her feelings due to her parents homophobic views. Maya’s surroundings keep changing throughout the film, becoming increasingly horrifying as she attempts to overcome the views her parents ingrained in her.

This film is inspired by personal experience from living in a country that isn’t very supportive of the lgbt community and it aims to show just how scary and awful the feeling of internalised homophobia can be. It’s a very personal story and is very important to the director because of this.

The horror elements will be achieved by both visual and practical effects, and the filming will take place both in a studio and on location. Two different sets will be entirely built in the studio for Out.

James Ironside said:

“It is our graduate film from the University of Gloucestershire, and our first attempt at crowdfunding. This makes a lot of the project very new, but we’re all excited to be a part of this film and can’t wait to start filming!”

Find out more about Out on Kickstarter and Instagram.

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