Five Deaths for Seven Songbirds by John Everson review

Mastering the giallo sub-genre can be a tricky affair, especially over 40 years out from its heyday.

This is the challenge laid down for author John Everson in his latest novel Five Deaths for Seven Songbirds.

A modern Giallo, Everson’s homage to the stylish Italian mystery thrillers. When Eve Springer arrives in Belgium to study with the world-famous Prof. Ernest Von Klein at The Eyrie, an exclusive music conservatory, it’s the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. But that dream is soon to become a nightmare.

Like all of the great Giallo, Five Deaths for Seven Songbirds keeps you guessing about the identity of the killer.

Everson has clearly read the tropes of the Giallo with his killer donning those black gloves and the rest of the classic attire, as they carry out their killing spree at the campus.

The deaths are creative and gruesome too, there is no holding back here. Death by musical instrument? You got it!

A real page turner and highly recommended for any Giallo fan.

Five Deaths for Seven Songbirds by John Everson is available now from Flame Tree Press.

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