Movie Knights announce crowdfunder for new project ‘Quiver’

“Quiver” has been announced as the next film project for Movie Knights Productions, who have earned 24 festival awards over their last three releases.  Dalton Burdette, the company’s CEO and Senior Content Producer, describes the plot of the upcoming horror short as, “Two estranged brothers who try to put their differences aside to go on a nostalgic hunting trip, only to discover that they are the ones being hunted.”

The announcement of “Quiver” comes on the heels of the successful 2021 short film, “The Local,” which had a sold-out theatrical premiere and remains available on Apple TV.  It won an impressive eight festival awards and has a 10.0 score on IMDb.

“We actually tried to make Quiver back in 2016,” Burdette explained, “but we were a bunch of kids.  We didn’t know what we were doing.  Fortunately, that passion for creating and filmmaking never went away.  Now, with the success that our last three films have had, we thought there’s no better way to come full circle than go back to the story that we tried to tell but didn’t get right the first time.  I’m over the moon excited about it.”

An award-winning actor, Burdette wrote and directed last year’s “The Local” and is the writer and director of “Quiver.”  The film will star Tyler Picchi and Michael Schenck as Evan and Scotty Brody, as well as Chuck Aurin and Monica Joelle Ortiz.  

Burdette stated that “Obviously, if we’re going to go back and re-tell a story, it has to be adapted and different.”  Schenck said, “It’s not the same story as last time (2016)…  It’s a new take on the story and I really like that aspect of it.”

In revealing plans for the film, Burdette also announced a crowdfunding campaign for “Quiver.”  Already launched on IndieGoGo, the aim is to raise 20 thousand dollars to pay the cast and crew, hire background actors, provide on-set meals, obtain high-quality equipment, follow safety protocols, and market the film.  A wide array of perks is being offered to those who contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign, ranging from a digital copy of the film and copy of the movie poster to a signed poster and digital script to special thanks in the film credits to associate producer, executive producer, or producer.

Burdette, Picchi, and Schenck all speak in a video made for the crowdfunding campaign, and footage from the 2016 version is included.

Find out and support Quiver on Indie GoGo.

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