Crowdfunder launched for Samhain feature on IndieGoGo

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for a new independent horror Samhain.

Inspired by true events, the cast for Samhain includes Steven Anthony Lawrence ( Even Stevens, Cheaper By The Dozen, Cat In The Hat), Sabu (ECW. WWE Legend), James Ellseworth (Former WWE Superstar) and Brian Andrews (Halloween 1978).

In a town known for its Halloween festival and history of evil rituals and sacrifices, a young boy, Wyatt Thompson turns up missing while Trick or Treating. When his body is found the town’s people panic at the thought of its dark past coming back to haunt them. The town cancels Halloween permanently in an attempt to keep the evil that has plagued their town for generations buried away.

After twelve long years, the town decides to bring their Halloween Bash back. Evil follows close behind, bringing the bloodiest Halloween in the town’s history with it.

Support Samhain on IndieGoGo.

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