Surreal dark comedy Sister Tempest released on Blu Ray

Director Joe Badon’s Surrealist Dark Comedy is now out on Blu-ray and Streaming through Darkside Releasing! 

Kali Russell, Linnea Gregg (The God Inside My Ear), Holly Bonney (Triggered) and Alex Stage (Eat, Brains, Love) star in this kitschy, chaotic family melodrama that turns into a surrealist science fiction, body horror with a heavy dose of absurd comedy. 

Anne Hutchinson (Russell) has a troubled relationship with her missing sister (Bonney) and is now under alien tribunal. Meanwhile, Anne’s new roommate (Gregg) has a mysterious illness that causes her to go on a cannibalistic killing spree. 

Winner of Best Feature at multiple festivals including Lausanne Underground Film Fest, STUFF Film Fest and Sin City Horror Fest and from the producers of the award-winning feature The God Inside My Ear comes their latest project that promises to bring the strangeness to an even deeper level.  

Check it out on Blu-ray available now HERE: 

And for rent on Vimeo streaming HERE: 

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