Director Bertie Guczki talks queer horror short ‘Final Boy’

We recently featured the indie queer horror slasher Final Boy on Bloody Flicks, and now we have the opportunity to quiz Director Bertie Guczki all about the project.

Read what he had to say below –

What can you tell us about the genesis of Final Boy?

“Final Boy was conceived as I was writing a study on homosexual representation in horror cinema, and I realised that there are close to no effective and realistic portrayals of homosexuality that aren’t tokenised or made into a stereotype – this is especially true for any horror protagonist. I wanted to redefine what a protagonist could be in the genre by steering away from the often misogynistic portrayals of the “Final Girl” – and give a fresh take for horror.”

I take it you are a slasher fan?

“Quite a big one yes. I think my favourite slasher franchise would be Friday The 13th, but as a filmmaker it’s important to identify what works in those flicks and gives them charm and what brings them down.”

Barring the LGBT-fronted film, how will Final Boy stand out from the crowd?

“I think other than the LGBT aspect of the film, the characters are developed and entirely three-dimensional. We’ve spent a lot of time on characterisation to make the characters feel like real people caught in a slasher. It was very important for me to provide well developed characters in the film, as there is often a huge lack of good character development in slashers.”

What can you tell us about constructing the characters?

“As I’ve mentioned earlier, we wanted to make the characters feel like real people. To do this they all had to have something to like about them and something not to. Kris, the main character is an anxiety-riddled young man who plays up his confidence in order to control himself – which makes him seem cocky and arrogant at times, yet he is also quick on his feet and selfless at heart.”

The slasher movie is having another resurgence with the box office successes of the returning Halloween and Scream franchises, do you think this will help Final Boy to find an audience?

“I think the success of Halloween Kills and the new Scream film reminded general audiences what makes slasher films so fun – yet I don’t think the slasher film ever truly died, it’s just evolving into something different. I definitely think that “Final Boy” will find its audience in the horror community, and some of the more hardcore horror fans may notice some hidden details and Easter Eggs in the set design and writing which reference 80s horror.”

How important is LGBT representation in horror?

“As both a horror fan and as a filmmaker I hate to see tokenised LGBT characters; tokenism in horror, and in any genre really, shows a sense that the filmmakers don’t really understand the group of people they’re representing, and choose to lean on stereotypes that are associated. So to me, correct and positive representation of LGBT characters in horror is massively important, not only to diminish tokenism, but to go against the overwhelmed cisgender heterosexual fronted characters that horror is filled with.”

You have spoken of Sam Raimi as an inspiration, does this mean we can expect plenty of gore in Final Boy?

“It’s safe to say that plenty of gore and creative kills are going to be seen in the film, with Sam Raimi being a massive inspiration not only in terms of gore, but in terms of the direction the cast and crew receive.”

Find out more about Final Boy on GoFundMe.

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