Midnight (2021) review

Midnight is an adrenaline rush like no other film being shown on the festival circuit.

We follow a deaf woman and her mother, who accidentally interrupt a serial killer stalking the streets, only to become his next potential victims.

While some horror serial killers slowly stalk their victims our killer here is like a wild animal who will sprint at full pelt to get his next kill and he just doesn’t stop.

Midnight is like the most intense cat and mouse game put to screen in some time. Our killer doesn’t discriminate with weapons and will just grab whatever is around to get the job done.

Director Oh-Seung Kwon employs the deafness plot device similar to Mike Flanagan in Hush, which ultimately creates some nerve-shredding scenes.

Midnight is a thrill ride from start to finish which will leave you spellbound by its conclusion. A festival highlight from Grimmfest 2021.

Midnight is available on Blu Ray now from Eureka Entertainment.

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