Horror comedy short ‘Jess is a Clown Now’ starts crowdfunding campaign

Jess is a Clown Now, is a brand new short horror-comedy, which is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo.

The film is about a clown who invades the home of a young woman, Megan, who’s just trying to enjoy her snack – or is she?

There’s a twist, and then a few more twists, a magical hat, a sparkly antidote, and of course, blood! The film centres around two women who recently broke up, and one is out for revenge.

The centrepiece of the film is a hand-made clown costume with magical abilities. The costume was heavily influenced by what Jess the clown had endured in her toxic relationship with Megan, and how that’s shaped the person she is today.

This follows writer/director Rylan Rafferty’s previous short horror film “Playing with Spiders,” which screened at 10 festivals including as part of the Catalina Film Festival Wes Craven Horror Shorts Block, The Oregon Horror Film Festival, The Woods Hole Film Festival, and Austin After Dark. It won Best Horror Short and an Audience Award and received nominations for Best Director, Best Writing, Best Actress, and Best Score.

You can find out more about this film at http://playingwithspiders.com. Rylan has spent several years working in comedy and has a passion for telling stories about traumatic relationships and bringing monsters to life.

The Indiegogo campaign funds will be used for the Day 3: Blood Shoot, where we’ll film the climactic bloodbath of the film. Join the campaign today and claim your magnet, mini-poster, screening ticket, or film credit.

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