Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) review

By David Hastings

After a slew of legacy horror, a new trend in the genre where the past and present have been seemingly colliding, offering enormous fan service and a wonderful passing of duties from one generation to the another amid bloody set pieces and new mythologies, it seems no surprise then that Leatherface would be offered this chance to have a go digging up the past and bringing his story into modern day.

The problem with Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that while it has followed the rules of bringing back legacy characters, in this case, Leatherback himself and Sally, and putting them on course for a bloody reunion, by the time it happens, the scene, like so many just feels lacklustre and more a shrug of the shoulders moment.

It doesn’t help that the preceding first and second acts have some painfully woeful dialogue that is sometimes embarrassing while scenes seem disjointed and lack a somewhat more cohesive tone.

Of course, the special FX are spectacular, and the film delivers on the massacre front (the final act, in particular, allows Leatherface to take out those who merely rely on likes, views and live commentaries), much to our enjoyment. But while this is fun, and Leatherface flexes his 70+ aged muscles, the previous 45 mins can be somewhat of a slog.

While you certainly get a massacre for your Netflix subscription, Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn’t really offer much else. While mimicking the likes of Blumhouses’ new Halloween films and the latest Scream requel, it fails to create much depth and spend time building these characters up so that connection between past and present becomes something an audience can invest in.

Stay for the meat, ignore the rest.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now available on Netflix.


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