Wild Bitch (SXSW 2022 review)

Co-directed by Kate Nash (Glow) and Rebekka Johnson, Wild Bitch feels like an animal attack horror featuring a Poundland Gale Weathers.

A local news story about the effects of deforestation on a nearby suburb takes a dark turn when the mousy housewife from the interview lures the reporter into the woods with a promise of a scoop.

The first thing to say about Wild Bitch, is that it is absolutely hilarious with some fantastic black comedy.

While Johnson shines as the awkward housewife, who may have more to her than meet the eye, Nash turns it up to 11 as the bitchy reporter who will do almost anything to get the scoop.

Wild Bitch is the perfect mix of humour and gore; its 12 minutes you just want to last forever.

Wild Bitch has its World Premiere on 13 March at SXSW 2022.

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