Demonhuntr creator Tim O’Leary picks his Top 5 Christmas horrors

Earlier this year we were treated to the first 2 episodes of the LGBT horror-action series Demonhuntr from creator Tim O’Leary.

Continuing our festive coverage, we caught up with Tim to find out his top 5 Christmas horrors –

Gremlins – This is a classic for a reason. The adorable Gizmo, the creepy Stripe, the unhinged monologue of Phoebe Cates… everything about this exceptionally weird Christmas classic is pitch perfect.

Anna and the Apocalypse – Christmas. Zombies. Song and dance numbers. A girl singing a sexy song inviting Santa to “unload his sack.” Nothing about this premise makes sense and yet it all works.

Better Watch Out – There’s a twist in this film about a third of the way in that I won’t spoil, but suffice it to say that while the film has its flaws, the sheer audacity of the story turn warrants a place on this list.

Krampus – Toni Collette long ago proved she can do no wrong, and this film is just further evidence of that. A fun, silly, over the top horror comedy with a genuinely unsettling ending.

Black Christmas (1974) – Though there were remakes in 2006 and 2019, the original Black Christmas was not only one of the first truly scary Christmas horror films, it was also (arguably) the progenitor of the slasher as we know it today. Progressive in its feminism in a way that still holds up today, this is a fascinating time capsule of the 1970s in addition to being a truly frightening yuletide experience.

Look out for more from Demonhuntr in 2022.

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