The Last Matinee review

One of the best settings, in theory, for a horror film is the cinema.

Surprisingly, this has been under-utilised over the years with films such as Demons, Popcorn and more recently Porno really exploiting all the set pieces the location allows for.

Having said this, The Last Matinee, is quite possibly a modern-day, slasher classic.

Clearly, director Maxi Contente knows the genre well and wears his reverence for the Giallo and slasher films on his sleeve, creating some excellent and gory set pieces.

Here we have a mysterious killer, much like the height of the 80s slasher boom, who turns up at a location and just goes to work. Slashers don’t need to be complicated and Contente knows this, and instead focuses on victims, creating interesting side plots for us to follow.

He also creates relatable characters such as the child sneaking into the 18-rated movie, the old man who just wants to watch a film in peace plus, horny couples and the people who just won’t shut up during the film.

While the kills are gory, Contente doesn’t forsake production value, as The Last Matinee is beautifully shot, with the colours really popping out of the screen, making full use of lighting and shadows, especially during some of the kill/chase sequences.

If you thought the slasher film was dead, think again, The Last Matinee is one show you will be dying to get a ticket for.

The Last Matinee is released on Arrow on 1st December and on Blu Ray from Arrow Video on 6th December 2021.

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