Chucky 1×07 review

With just two episodes left of the Chucky series, there is an increasing amount of urgency and chaos on display – especially given the fallout from last week’s bloodbath.

Things were always going to either go strangely well or drastically bad for Junior given the apparent suicide of his mother; let’s just say he chooses violence to deal with his grief.

This week’s episode does focus more on his story, with main protagonists Jake and Lexi taking a backseat to some degree. Devon is also grieving the loss of his mother but it seems he is now being dragged into Chucky’s endgame.

Meanwhile loose cannon Andy has ditched partner-in-dolly-killing Kyle, and is going rogue to try to end Chucky’s reign of terror. Nica is now trapped in the childhood home of Charles Lee Ray with Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly for company.

While Tilly’s involvement has been uneven so far, she is given more to do this week, hinting at connection with Junior’s father that could tie back to the original Child’s Play. We once again get flashbacks which feel like they will pad out the night when Chucky was ‘born’ and also mesh together with the killer doll’s mission, which still remains unclear.

The season finale is set to be 90 minutes and with the promise of a second season next year; Chucky is all set to go with a bang with surely more well-known faces set to bite the dust.

Chucky continues on SyFy and is set to debut on Peacock on 1st December.

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