Exposure by Louis Greenberg review

The latest novel from Louis Greenberg takes a lot of political and topical subjects and throws them into a nightmarish world akin to Black Mirror.

We follow the journey of Petra, an immigrant who by fateful happenstance meets Vincent, and their whirlwind romance takes them to an alternative theatre experience known as Metamuse, which may have something sinister going on behind the curtain.

Exposure is very much a commentary on conservatism, in this dystopian UK where healthcare is completely privatised with people choosing between feeding themselves and getting essential medical care.

Greenberg’s ability here is the way he is able to project this off-kilter, at times nightmarish scenario where you are not fully sure what you are reading is what is truly going on. Petra and other characters are unreliable narrators in a world that can’t be trusted.

The elements of the Metamuse show are slightly undercooked in parts but Greenberg certainly ramps things up during a heartbreaking and twisted finale which felt almost inevitable but at the same time essential.

Exposure is a challenging and refreshing read and will certainly appeal to readers after an alternative take to what they think is going on in the world.

Exposure by Louis Greenberg is available now from Titan Books.

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