New indie horror HorrorTales666 2 released

Phil Herman’s latest independent horror feature HorrorTales.666 Part 2 has been released by The Sleaze Box.

18 years ago A burglar broke into a author’s house. He comes across a computer with all his secret stories. One by one he reads them and slowly is drawn into the terror of each one.

Now the Burglar played once again by JOEL D. WYNKOOP is back his old tricks and once again breaks in a house with stories to be told. This time he is taunted by a man who promises to take him to hell and back and make him pay for past evil deeds.

PHIL HERMAN returns and is joined by DUSTIN HUBBARD this time to produce.

This chilling anthology features some horror cult classic stars such as DEBBIE ROCHON, the first Jason in FRIDAY THE 13TH, ARI LEHMAN, SHAWN C. PHILLIPS and DEBBIE D! They will chill you to the bone with these new entries.

Watch the trailer for HorrorTales.666 Part 2 below –

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